Diagnostic Sonar Ltd


Diagnostic Sonar Ltd was founded in 1975 and has 12 employees. Since the start, the company has been involved in the areas of Industrial Non-Destructive Testing and Medical Imaging using ultrasound equipment.

DSL’s medical range has also grown to include one of the largest ranges of ultrasound scanners available, scanner accessories, such as the popular Sonarwarm couplant warmer and a superior range of quality couplant and test objects for Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems. The industrial side of the company has developed alongside the medical, from the introduction of high performance transducers to the UK, through to instrumentation including Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gauges and Real Time Flaw Imaging systems.

DSL’s core capability remains the design and manufacture of ultrasonic phased array instrumentation, and this includes the FlawInspecta system for high-speed low-cost large-area inspection and mapping of composites, used for inspecting the new range of composite aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

The latest in the range is the FI Toolbox – a suite of hardware and software modules for high-performance ultrasonic data acquisition and imaging. Based on the National Instruments FlexRIO platform, these scalable ultrasonic modules can be used to create a wide range of instruments in an industry-standard PXI chassis. The software modules are equally flexible, providing standard array imaging as well as advanced features such as full matrix capture (FMC). They can be used straight off-the-shelf or as the starting point for creating your own customised application. Examples range from multi-channel acquisition for structural health monitoring to robotic inspection of composites.

We also manufacture superior quality scanning couplants and additives, including Soundclear, Soundsafe and Ultragel II. DSL also supplies the Karl Deutsch product line-up of Echograph digital flaw detectors and probes, hand-held gauges for wall and coating thickness measurement and crack depth and magnetic particle testing systems.

A major exporter, our products are being used in varied fields from aerospace to offshore in over 40 countries. Development is continuous at DSL and through links with universities and research establishments and participation in European collaborative projects the company aims to continue to break new ground in advanced Ultrasonic Testing technology.